Interning at the Roothub has been a great experience for me. I have had the opportunity to learn, grow, and network with other great minds.

A picture of me at the Roothub Port Harcourt

The internship began with an onboarding session with the hub manager and staff where we were welcomed and introduced to the Roothub and her activities and processes. I officially started the internship on the 14th of September, 2020.

As a web development intern specializing in the frontend track, I have been working with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create responsive, optimized, and beautiful websites and web apps. I also picked interest in the Digital Design track where I am learning the fundamentals of design.

As the team lead for interns, I give reports to the hub about the activities and progress of the interns, I also teach and help other interns debug their codes or solve any problem they might be encountering at the hub. I have come to love sharing my knowledge because I discovered I learn and understand better when I teach someone what I know.

A picture of me teaching other interns how to use Git and Github

Being on the team has made exposed me to things I didn't pay attention to like Content creation, collaborating with others using tools like Git and Github, Technical writing, Effective use of social media, Designing with Canva, paying attention to details and so many other things.

Some of the productivity tools I have used are Gmail for sending and receiving information, Google doc for documentation, Google sheets for work that needs tabular representation, Google slides for making slides for presentations. I also use Google drive for saving files in the cloud.

Before the end of this internship, I intend to strengthen my Javascript skill and Learn React(A Javascript Framework). I also intend to learn photography.

A picture of me at the Hub

Glory Praise is a front-end web developer based in Nigeria. She writes about tech( and life.

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