My 2019 In Review- First Year in Tech

2019 was a year of learning, unlearning and relearning for me…I learned how to code, how to work with people, how to live life generally while exploring different opportunities…This review is to remind and motivate me that I can even do better in 2020.



I started this year with internship at The Roothub, It was a continuation of the 3 weeks TECH 101 training where I learned the introduction of web development, graphics design, and digital marketing, the internship was a reward for being the best web development student in that set because I focused on web development while doing the others on the side. During the internship, I was exposed to a lot of technologies and languages of the web like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, WORDPRESS, etc and other non-tech things like teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, etc. I had to give more time to my academics, so I stopped the internship actively in June.


If someone had told me in 2018 that I would get interested in school politics, I would have firmly disagreed and even fought with the person, but yes, I did pick interest this year. I contested for the position of the Vice president of my department (Association of Computer Engineering Students, University of Uyo chapter) and I won…unbelievable but….It was not easy at all as I did not prepare for all that came with it, from meeting people that I would have never had any business to do with in the first place to standing in front of people to talk(during consultations and the Manifesto day plus I almost felt like fainting the first time I was given the mic to talk…lol).

I cherish this experience because I had to learn to work with people of all class, seniors, and juniors and even lecturers, I also respected friendship more because my friends had my back and keep encouraging me all the way. I am currently the acting President of the department by the way as the President has graduated from school and handed over to me.


Being Vice president of my department gave me the platform to organize events in school, I organized a digital skill training in school where participants were taught digital and media marketing, etc. This event motivated some of the participants to start a career in tech. I also organized an event during Engineering week themed “AFTER 5 YEARS WHAT NEXT?”, this event was hosted to spur engineering students into thinking into the future and encourage them to start thinking of life outside school and there were over a 100 students in attendance. I also volunteered to work to bring several events a success which includes Startconfest 2019, Bizfest Uyo, Figma Uyo, Developers student club Uyo, etc. The one that stood out for me was Mayday awareness where we went into the stadium to sensitize the civil servants about the future of work and why they should get themselves and their kids ready for that era, convincing these elderly men and women was very frustrating and funny at the same time.


I participated in several tech training and scholarship programs like the Grow with Google Certification program sponsored by Andela and Plural sight where I was on the Mobile web specialist track and I stayed up till the last stage but didn’t make it into 1000 to be certified. I also participated in the Developers Circle training with facebook where I did the front end web development track and had 3 certifications in HTML and CSS, javascript and React. I also attempted HNG 6 although I had to stop because I couldn’t cope with it and school exams at the same time. I also attended a lot of meetups and workshops hosted by different communities like GDG UYO, WOMEN WILL UYO, INGRESSIVE COMMUNITY, DEVELOPERS STUDENT CLUB, etc on different topics ranging from tech to entrepreneurship, mental health, leadership, finances, women empowerment, etc.


I got nominated for an award “Best tech student of the year”…I didn’t win it tho but the nomination alone showed that people were watching what I was doing and it meant a lot to me.

I also got mentees…people I shared knowledge with.

I was also able to finish 100days of code challenge in January. I started another but couldn’t keep up with the tweeting.

I met a lot of people and made some wonderful friends who inspired and motivated me and I learned a lot from them, thanks to tech communities.



One of my greatest battle this year was managing my time well, combining school with active programming, politics, social life and activities, church, etc. It was not very easy for me and I had severally body break down because I was overworking, I started procrastinating a lot too and couldn’t finish most of the things I started like HNG 6, etc. I learned how to manage my time towards the end of the year but I still struggle with it sometimes.


Lack of planning made me waste time and resources on things that were not necessary, It also made me inconsistent with things.


Lack of prioritizing made me lose focus on the important things at the moment because without priorities I gave the needed time, energy and resources needed to achieve those things to the ones that had less impact and result at the moment, for example, putting all my energy into coding when I needed to face my books caused my grades to suffered, and vise Versa…I managed to find a way to balance both recently tho.


I fought this hard but still allowed it to limit me severally. I would surely conquer this in 2020.


Although I got paid for some jobs I did….I didn’t hit my financial goal, I didn’t even go close.


1. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to do.

2. Spend more time planning for something and you will spend less time executing it: Rather than jumping into anything, take some time to plan for it…its makes execution easier.

3. When trying to be focused, be aware that distractions can also be people.

4. Focus!!!

5. Take care of your health…you need to be healthy to accomplish whatever goals you have

6. Take time to have fun…find a way to relieve stress and be happy.


1. Learn, Learn, Learn…

2. Contribute to the open-source community

3. Get a good spot for internship for my 6 months industrial training period

4. Be a Speaker at events and organize more events

5. Motivate more ladies into tech

6. Teach as I learn by writing

7. Work remotely

8. Make more MONEY

Cheers to 2020

I know future me will look back at this article and smile:)

Glory Praise is a front-end web developer based in Nigeria. She writes about tech( and life.

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